Extensions for the official vompserver 0.3.1

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Update [27.02.10]

Please update your l10n directory. Valid for german speaking people.



  • CVS version from 08.02.10.

  • Bugfix: Display and timing improvements while playing some recordings. (Thanks to MartenR)

  • Set teletext updates to a higher value that it works more responsive.


  • Bugfix: Client crashes while switching a radiochannel. (Thanks to MartenR)


  • Full Duplex Patch.

  • Bugfix: Teletext (Taken from CVS).

  • Simple Child Lock. See Preferences → Misc to turn on or off.

    • If you have an groupseperator "Kids" in top of your channels.conf only this channels are shown.

    • If you have an directoy "Kids" under Recordings, you will only have this directory.

  • Improvements in Summaryhandling. Resume on Recordings is now the default value.

  • PowerOn Mode. Automatik startup of LiveTv/Radio/Recordings or Menu (default). See Preferences → Misc.

  • Force16x9 Mode.

    • If an Channel or Recording is in 4.3 Format, you can force it to 16x9. See Preferences → Misc.

  • Vdrshutdown. (Thanks to Matthias Haas).

    • If power button is pressed, mvp sends an "Power Button pressed" to vdr. See Preferences → Misc.

  • New Shutdownmenu (Thanks to Frank S.).

    • Added different options like poweroff, poweroff with vdr or reboot. See Menu → Power.

  • Changed default TCP receive window size to 4096 in cause of higher bitrate channels or recordings. (Reported by Philipp Mueller)

  • Jump-Play (Thanks to macfly).

    • Now disabled by default. While watching a recording JP can be changed via the OK Button.

  • More bugfixes of the media part. Info and Details → Wellenvogel

  • Some improvements in the live tv handling that avoids a couple of deadlocks or distorsions. (Thanks to Andreas Vogel)

  • Added simple watchdog if vompclient crashes (Suggested by Thomas Steger).



  • Set server to 0.3.1-3 because it works only with dongle 0.3.1-3.

  • Server crashes on full disk. Untested. (Thanks to davep)

  • Added pin-protection used from vdr-pin-plugin. Untested. (Thanks to Dingo)

    • To activate set ShowPinProtected = 1 under General in vomp-MAC.conf.


  • Active_shutdown (Thanks to Matthias Haas).

  • Changed EPG on Recordings. Show as much info as possible.

  • Bugfix: Client sometimes hang on bootup. Only affected in combination with new Mediapart. (Thanks to Dingo)

  • Bootpfix_H3+ (Thanks to woodym). Info → topic=304.0

    • If you have an MVP H3/H4 you can disable the internal bootp Service of VOMP and take the bootp Service of your DHCP Server.

  • Simple ChildLock (Thanks to Fabian Kropp).

  • Bugfixes in Mediapart. Always need app. 3s before returning to menu when stopping video playback or picture loading.